Turning and Milling with Ultrasonic

Less Tool Wear, Better Results

Ultrasonic Solutions for Turning and Milling

For Highest Accuracy

In cooperation with a Fraunhofer Institute, we have developed a process that makes it possible to process steel efficiently through diamond tools by using an increased resonance frequency and a high amplitude. By overlapping the diamond tool with a high-frequency and directed ultrasonic vibration in the cutting direction, we can drastically reduce tool wear when iron-containing metals are processed.

During turning, a chip is removed from the surface to be machined by the clamped tool. Continuous feed and delivery movements produce a removal on the machining surface. In the field of ultra-precision machining, the highest accuracy is achieved with diamond tools.

Your Advantages:

  • Reduction of tool wear due to ultrasonic vibration
  • Increased component accessibility due to the development of a bending transducer
  • Optical surface quality in steel
  • Less force needed

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Turning and Milling in Industry

Industries that Benefit from Ultrasonic

Metal Industry:
Manufacture and machining of precise workpieces

Turning and milling with ultrasonic is also interesting for other applications. Describe your needs, we will take care of the solution.

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