Cutting Textiles with Ultrasonic

Fast and Perfect Results

soniKKs Devices for Textile Cutting

Smooth and Straight Cutting Edges

Spotless cutting of textiles is in demand in all industries that process materials such as nonwovens, rubber, foams or foils, and other fabrics. It is important to avoid material loss and to separate the fabrics without fraying the cutting edges. soniKKs provides the fitting ultrasonic devices. Since cutting and welding can be combined, the cutting edges are cut and sealed in just one step.

The special advantages of cutting with ultrasonic can be seen when the fabrics or textiles that should be cut tend to adhere or fray. Ultrasonic can be used to cut even glass or carbon fiber mats, rubber, and foils precisely, quickly, and cleanly. Thanks to our process, the cutting results are also perfectly reproducible.

Your Advantages:

  • Cutting and tear sealing in just one step
  • Cutting without pressure
  • Suitable for soft materials
  • No adhesion
  • No fraying
  • Smooth, straight, and even cutting edges

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Textile Cutting with Ultrasonic

Popular in Many Sectors

Textile Industry:
Separation of nonwovens and fabrics

Chemical Industry:
Separation of filter materials for the production of activated carbon filters

Plastics Industry:
Separation of rubber and foils (tear welding)

Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry:
Cutting of plastic covers, carbon, and glass fibers

Are you interested in other applications not mentioned here? soniKKs ultrasonic solutions are used in many industries.

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