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Made of High-Quality Titanium or Steel

Sonotrodes According to Your Needs

In ultrasonic systems, the sonotrode transmits the mechanical vibration of the converter and booster to the relevant workpiece, thus completing the oscillation system. The sonotrode, just as the booster, can additionally increase or decrease the amplitude of the system through a corresponding geometry. Depending on your application and/or the material that needs to be processed, we can design the sonotrode in a way that optimal results will be achieved.

soniKKs sonotrodes are usually made of high-quality titanium or steel, which is also approved for aerospace. Titanium retains its positive properties even under high temperatures. It has an exceptionally high corrosion resistance and ranks among the light metals thanks to its light weight. We are happy to match our sonotrodes in terms of form and material to your specific needs.

Your Advantages:

  • “Made in Germany”
  • Made of high-quality titanium or steel
  • Suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Production of special shapes
  • Other materials on request: aluminum, special alloys
  • Alignment with customer wishes/needs

Technical Data:

  • Frequency: 20 kHz to 90 kHz
  • Power: 100 W to 6000 W

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