Soldering via Ultrasonic

Clean and Stable

Ultrasonic Soldering with soniKKs

Soldering on All Materials

For ultrasonic soldering, we offer excellent soldering systems for a wide range of applications. Ultrasonic soldering makes soldering on materials that are otherwise not suitable for this process possible, from aluminum and stainless steel to non-metallic or thin materials such as glass or ceramics. A major advantage of ultrasonic soldering is that the surface to be soldered is cleaned again during the soldering process. This way, aggressive fluxes can be given up altogether.

When soldering with ultrasonic, ultrasonic vibrations within the liquid solder burst the oxide layer of the surface to be soldered. The surface reacts with the solder on the cleaned spot. By the vibrations the solder is, moreover, pressed into the finest cracks, holes, and micropores of the surface which thus seals them. Gases trapped in the solder are removed by the ultrasonic vibrations, creating a lunker-free soldering joint.

Your Advantages:

  • Soldering of materials that are difficult to solder, such as glass, ceramics, or aluminum
  • Soldering without fluxes
  • Corrosion-free soldering
  • No cleaning after the soldering process necessary
  • Gas-tight and heat-resistant up to over 250 degrees Celsius

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Soldering with Ultrasonic

Some Sample Sectors

Solar Industry:
Production and repair of solar cells

Optics Industry:
Tinning of optical glasses

Electrical Industry:
Manufacturing of sensors and semiconductors

Glass, Ceramic, and Metal Industries:
Soldering of glass, ceramics, and hard-to-solder material (aluminum)

We can also adapt our ultrasonic generators for many other applications in other industries.

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