Sieving with Ultrasonic

Efficient and Material-Friendly

Ultrasonic Sieving with soniKKs

For a Higher Quality of Your Powders

Screening systems and sieving processes can be significantly optimized by the use of ultrasonic. Benefit from higher throughput, improved screen power, and higher quality of your powders with soniKKs components.

Ultrasonic sieving is material-friendly because the barely audible vibrations are transferred to the screen surface without the powder coming into direct contact with the electrical equipment. The precise sifting with ultrasonic reduces the oversize grain content and also acts as a permanent cleaning mechanism. Our ultrasonic components integrated into your screening systems also prevent the clogging and blocking of screen sieve cloth.

Your Advantages:

  • More efficient sieving results and higher powder quality
  • Improved screen throughput
  • No clogging or blocking of sieve cloth
  • Reduction of oversize grain
  • Permanent cleaning effect
  • Lower energy requirements and therefore more environmentally friendly than other processes

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Ultrasonic Sieving in Industry

Used in Many Branches

Paint, Metal, and Building Materials Industry:
Produce and process powders

Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical Industries:
Produce powder

Would you like to use ultrasonic sieving in another industry? We are happy to customize our soniKKs devices for your application.

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