Plastic Welding with Ultrasonic

Precise and Consistently Good

soniKKs Devices for Ultrasonic Welding

Perfect Results in Plastic Welding

Welding different thermoplastics together is a challenging task, especially if you put emphasis on good and constant welding quality, which ensures fast production and high economic efficiency.

Our soniKKs devices for plastic welding with ultrasonic open up many possibilities. It is energy-efficient and additives of chemical or other nature are not necessary. Plastic welding with ultrasonic is superior to other bonding methods such as gluing, especially if the plastics cannot at all or not efficiently enough be glued together. Plastic welding is in general suitable for all materials that have thermoplastic properties, i.e. are meltable and solidify when cooled.

The manufacturing process is much faster than other processes because pre-treatment or drying is not necessary. The material is not deformed anywhere except for the welding spot. The result is stable, optically perfect, and precisely reproducible welded joints. You control and monitor the welding process digitally or analogously. Another advantage is the great flexibility: We optimally adapt all components to your individual requirements.

Your Advantages:

  • Welding of thermoplastic materials
  • Very fast production, high cost-effectiveness
  • Digital or analog controlling and monitoring of the welding process
  • No deforming of the material besides the welding point
  • Constant welding quality: optically perfect and stable welds
  • Exact reproducibility of welds
  • Low energy consumption (thus more environmentally friendly than other processes)
  • No chemical or other additives required

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Plastic Welding in Industry

Suitable for Many Branches

Automotive Industry:
Welding of plastic cladding

Packaging Industry:
Welding and sealing of plastic packaging of various kinds

Plastics Industry:
Fusing of different plastics with each other

Textile Industry:
Welding of coated materials such as fabrics, tarpaulins, foils, etc.

Toy Industry:
Joining molded plastic parts of all kinds

Appliance Industry:
Joining of plastic objects

Shipbuilding Industry:
Welding of sails

Medical Technology Industry:
Manufacture of medical supplies from various plastics, welding of hygienic packaging for single use

Thanks to the modular design of our systems for plastic welding, we can adapt our ultrasonic generators to all desired applications in other industries.

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