New Standard – Numerous Advantages
The soniKKs product range has further grown with a promising enhancement in the beginning of 2019: We can now supply all ultrasonic generators with a PROFINET interface. PROFINET (PROCESS FIELD NETWORK) is a modern standard developed for the automation of network-based Ethernet. The PROFINET concept is modular. This means that the user can choose the functionality himself. The simple installation technology and flexibility also make it possible to connect different devices from different manufacturers into one system.

The new interface is particularly interesting for machine builders who want to ensure simple yet sophisticated communication between their systems and ultrasonic devices. Even those who have previously worked with PROFIBUS devices in their systems benefit from the new PROFINET interface and become even more flexible as a way of doing so. The interface can be changed without much effort and already acquired knowledge about PROFIBUS can still be used, as PROFINET builds on it. For more information about PROFINET, see

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The Hercules amongst Generators
Thanks to the dedicated development team, soniKKs can present numerous innovative, new products every year. With the ultrasonic generator K6, a very special product was added in 2019. The benchtop unit impresses with its compact design, a frequency of 20 kHz and an incredible power of 6000 Watts. A wide variety of materials are now even easier or at all possible to weld. Ultrasonic joining technology has a number of advantages, such as constant welding quality or high cost-effectiveness. The high-performance generator K6 is most profitable for welding metals. Users benefit from significantly shorter welding times. Optional extensions make the generator universal and perfectly suited for many ultrasonic applications such as welding, cutting, sieving, cleaning, soldering, atomizing, turning, and more.

Here are the technical data:

  • K6 - Benchtop
  • 3-phase power supply
  • Frequency: 20 kHz
  • Power: 6000 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 390 x 160 x 450 mm

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