Since a few days we got ecological helper that keep our property in good condition and at the same time serve as a great view while working.

At first they showed us their backside but then one after the other became curious and wanted to know what is happening.

Mayor Christoph Schaak said thank you to Jutta Kern, sole shareholder and CEO of soniKKs Ultrasonics Technology GmbH on 12.05.2021 for donating an iPad to the caregivers of the elementary school in Dobel.

The “Lernkern” team is happy about the generous donation.

Picture (from left to right): Maria Slawik, Sandra Mayer und Sarah Rott (caregivers of the elementary school of Dobel), Jutta Kern (soniKKs), Mayor Christoph Schaack

At the end of November 2020, the time had come: soniKKs was able to move into the new company building in Dobel. Our team has settled in well here in recent weeks, not least because the new building brings many advantages. Shorter commutes have brought noticeable optimizations. And the in-house test laboratory helps us to develop and implement your products even better and more efficiently.

Outdoor Area and Electronic Filling Station
The company building has been ecologically realized all round, built from local, renewable woods. With the warmer temperatures, there is now also the opportunity to complete the outdoor installation. That will happen in the next few months. A planned electronic filling station on site is also to be realized soon.

As soon as the Corona pandemic has subsided, we look forward to your visit to personally show you around our new headquarters.
Would you like to be called back for a visit? Then write us an email

An In-House Test Laboratory in Ecological Building
One of the core competencies of soniKKs is to develop and implement customer-specific applications. Many of our customers are successfully using products developed individually for them.

In order to be able to realize the development and production of customer-specific applications even better, a new commercial building is currently being built in Dobel. This will mean noticeable optimizations thanks to our own test laboratory and shortened work routes.

The two-storey building will cover approximately 1400 square meters of space. Moreover, options for the future are offered with the 6400 square meters property.

The base plate is already finished, the scaffolding will be put up shortly. The exterior facade can be implemented in March. The new headquarters should be ready for occupancy in summer 2020. Customers and employees can expect an all-round ecological head quarter, built from native, renewable woods.

If you have a question about our company or an enquiry, please feel free to contact us!