Metall Welding via Ultrasonic

Economical and Energy-Efficient

Ultrasonic Welding with soniKKs Devices

Reliable Components for Metal Welding

If you want to bond metals, ultrasonic welding offers some advantages compared to other methods. Production is fast and efficient thanks to our reliable components. Metal welding with ultrasonic provides precise reproducible results for both point welding and seam welding. Besides the welding point, the metal is not damaged or deformed at any point.

Our soniKKs devices for metal welding with ultrasonic are of the highest quality and "Made in Germany". They captivate through their high cost-effectiveness and their lower energy requirements compared to other processes. Last but not least, ultrasonic metal welding is also an energy-efficient process because it is not necessary to use additives such as welding rods or solvents.

You control and monitor the welding process digitally or analogously. We are happy to put together all required components exactly according to your wishes and specifications.

Your Advantages:

  • Fast and precise welding of metals
  • High cost-effectiveness and economic efficiency
  • Digital or analog control and monitoring of the manufacturing process
  • No damage of the metal besides the welding points
  • Reliable welding quality: perfect and stable welds
  • Welds are exactly reproducible
  • Low energy consumption (thus more environmentally friendly than other processes)
  • No chemical or other additives required

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Metal Welding in Industry

Used in Numerous Fields

Electrical Industry:
Processing of housings and electrical contacts, battery production, wire bonding

Automotive Industry:
Welding of wire harnesses

Aerospace Industry:
Welding of sheets and foils

Metal Industry:
Welding of thin sheets and foils, copper/copper alloy, aluminum/aluminum alloy

We are happy to adapt our ultrasonic generators to the applications you require in other industries. Let us know what you need!

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