Cutting Food with Ultrasonic

Suitable for Fresh and Frozen Products

soniKKs Devices for Food Cutting

Perfect in Shape

A clean cut is essential for foods that are industrially processed and prepared for sale. Any irregularity or crushing means that the product must be discarded. Ultrasonic achieves perfect and even cuts without crushing or deforming the food.

Our customers in the food industry benefit from our components when cutting, because ultrasonic is suitable for both frozen and fresh products. Whether cakes, pies or other baked goods, cheese, or confectionery, the food does not adhere and does not deform, even if it is of soft consistency. The cutting edges are always straight and smooth.

Your Advantages:

  • Cutting without pressure
  • Cutting without crushing, deforming, or squeezing food
  • Suitable for soft and sticky foods
  • Suitable for frozen and fresh products
  • Smooth, straight, and even cutting edges

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Cutting with Ultrasonic

Indispensable in the Food Industry

Food Industry:
Cutting cheese, cakes, confectionery, baked goods, pies, and other foods

soniKKs ultrasonic devices are also suitable for other applications. We are happy to find the optimal solution for you.

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