Emulsification with Ultrasonic

Two Become One

soniKKs Ultrasonic Solutions for Emulsifying

Fine Blending, Stable Result

Creams, cosmetic lotions, pharmaceutical ointments, or salad dressings and mayonnaises: for all of these, the challenge is to mix non-mixable liquids such as water and oil without them visibly separating again. In order to obtain such an emulsion, the two liquids must be mixed together in a way that the droplets of one liquid dispense well in the other liquid.

Emulsifying with ultrasonic allows much finer emulsions than usual methods do. The liquids blend much better, which means more stable results.

Many of our customers from the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries have been successfully using ultrasonic emulsifiers in their companies for many years.

Your Advantages:

  • Finer emulsion
  • Better blending of liquids

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Emulsifying in the Industry

Branches That Count on Ultrasonic

Manufacture of creams, ointments, lotions, etc.

Food Industry:
Manufacture of dressings, mayonnaise

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