Atomizing with Ultrasonic

Efficient and Easy

Ultrasonic Atomization Offers Many Advantages

Environmentally Friendly Procedure

Ultrasonic atomization is used in some industries. The electrical industry uses ultrasonic atomization for instance to produce solder paste or fog liquids.

For this purpose, an ultrasonic generator generates a high frequency and transmits it to a transducer/converter. This converts the high frequency into ultrasonic vibrations, which generate high-frequency vibrations via a sonotrode located in the atomizing liquid. This nebulizes the liquid into the finest particles. The size of the particles depends on the frequency used and can be scaled according to the customer's requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Creation of exactly uniform particles
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly raw material processing
  • No clumping, easy cleaning
  • Atomization of a wide variety of liquids without impurities

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Atomization in Industry

Ultrasonic Successfully Used

Electrical Industry:
Production of solder paste

Chemical and Medical Industries:
Fogging of liquids

Atomizing with ultrasonic is also conceivable for a variety of other solutions. We will be happy to help you make your desired application become a reality.

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