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Accessories from soniKKs are made of the highest quality materials and perfectly complete your ultrasonic system. Whether controller, hand welding devices, or seam welding heads: Depending on your application, our accessories complement the generators, converters, sonotrodes or boosters that you are using. Like all soniKKs products, our accessories are reliable and durable and therefore economical.

Your Advantages:

  • “Made in Germany”
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Compact, reliable, durable, economical
  • Easy to use

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External Control Panel Front

The external front is intended to connect to generators which do not have an integrated display. It is best suited to adjust generators that are difficult to reach. Therefore, the external front is mounted separately from the generator. Its compact design makes it much easier to accommodate than a generator. The external front is intended for use with just one generator.

External Handheld Controller

Our external controller is used to connect to generators that do not have an implemented control display. It is especially useful when the generator configuration rarely needs to be changed. A control panel allows the adjustment of several generators (one after the other).

Handwelding Pistol / Handwelding Device

The new handwelding gun model is characterized by greater flexibility in handling and application. One advantage, for example, is that the converter is no longer inextricably linked to the gun but can be easily replaced by the customer himself. In addition, it is now possible to turn the sonotrode and converter into the desired working position in just a few simple steps. Moreover, if the working frequency changes, only the converter has to be replaced.

The practical ultrasonic hand-held welding device is suitable for "mobile" welding of single applications with a straight grip (model: HSGG). It is excellently suited for repair, post-processing, small series production, and for manual workstations in applications such as ultrasonic welding, cutting, rivets, or punching. With its complete synthetic design, it is very light.

Seam Welding Head for Aluminum and Cooper Foils

Our 20 kHz roll seam welding heads are particularly suitable for continuous welding of thin aluminum foils or copper foils. Ultrasonic roll welding is similar to ultrasonic welding. Due to the disc-shaped sonotrode, however, a continuous weld can be generated without interruption. Thanks to the inductive energy coupling, the 20 kHz roll seam welding heads are maintenance-free.

Seam Welding Head for Pipes, Solar Absorbers, and Copper Sheets

The 20 kHz roll seam welding heads with up to 3-KW power are particularly suitable for continuous welding of pipes, solar absorbers, or copper sheets. Thanks to the disc-shaped sonotrode, ultrasonic roll seams provide continuous welds without seam interruption.

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